I am crazy & wild
I wonder how the future's gonna be.
I hear dogs barking.
I see peopleI want my car.
I am crazy and wild.

I pretend im invisible.
I feel a presence in the room.
I touch a keyboard.
I worry about life.
I cry when I remember the times my house burned down.
I am crazy and wild.

I understand that stuff happens for a reason.
I say "WUZ UP"
I dream of finding my true love.
I try to do better in school.
I hope that I get my car
I am crazy and wild.

Yes,Thats Me

Look and you'll see
My hair is black
My eyes are brown
My arms are short
My hands are soft
My heart is full of love
Im very spoiled
I never regret what I do
My friends always have my back
I live in Harvey
I dream of owning my own Mall.
It's all clear as can be
That's positively,absolutely me.

Who am I?

My real name is Adriana
Yesterday my name was Gigglez
Today my name is Crazy Girl
Tomorrow my name will be Lokita
In my dreams my name is Adriana

All About Me

Cute, Short, Crazy, Fun
Micaela, Crystal, Maria Isabel
Daughter of Renee Escalante & Roberto Najera
Fears anything that crawls(except Babies)
Needs a car
Gives Help when Needed
Would like to see my baby cousin grow up
Resident of New Orleans