"I Can't Write A Poem"

Forget it
You must be kidding
Im hungry
Im tired
I cant spel
Im in a room full of immature Lil' Crazies
I need a haircut
I want to go home
My fingers hurt
I have a headache
Times up? Uh oh!
All i have is a dumb list of excuses
You Like it? Really?? No kidding.
Thanks alot you want to see another one?

All About Me Poem

TALL, WaVy, funny, hungry
Sibling of Ashlee
Son of Jennifer & James
Who fears death
Who needs money
Who gives headaches
Who would like to see a better world
Resident of Gretna

Yes, that's me

Look and you'll see
My hair good
My eyes dialated
My arms too long
My heart broken
I'm bored
I never stop eating
My friends not trustworthy
I live in here
I hope i move
I dream to be famous

It's all clear as can be.

That's positively, absolutly me