I Miss You
by Angela Green
As I lay down at night
I think how things have changed
Ever since you entered it
My whole life's re-arranged
But I wish that i could see you sooner than i can
It's like you're a movie star
And i'm your biggest fan

But I miss you
Like i miss the sun on a rainy day
Like i miss the moon when it goes away
But the sun and the moon
don't mean nearly as much to me
As you do
I could live without them But i need you
And i miss y

By: Steffany Commings
Remembering You = ==You were on my mind when i woke up this morning remembering your smile==

i guess the next time i'll see your face will take a little while

i was remembering your arms around me love the way

they always feel warm with you by my side

Roses aRe Red

Roses are red my earrings are blue

When you bought them for me all i could see was you and me
Missing you is all i can be but the earrings brought back the sight of you and

By:Todd Maysont
Tell Me More
Tell me, dearest, what is love?
'Tis a lightning from above;
'Tis an arrow, 'tis a fire;
'Tis a boy they call desire;
...'Tis a grave
...Gapes to have
Those poor fools that long to prove.

By:Martin Robinson
IM glad
I'm glad I met you,
But you feel so far away.
I'm glad I loved you,
But I've never felt more hatred.
I'm glad you held me,
But I never felt more cold.
I'm glad you were my everything,
But now I have nothing.

By: John Singleton
Being alone is one of the saddest conditions for a human being to experience. You may feel alone with your family, if you think that no one understands you. Often people are afraid to share who they are because they think that they will be rejected. However, if you are not sharing who are, you are not truly with the people you love. On the other hand when you share you true self, you risk being rejected. Often individuals seek people out of the family unit with whom they can share themselves without fear of rejection.

Who Am i
By: Diamonique Merricks
My real name is Diamonique
Yesterday my name was Kittie
Today my name is LaLA
Tomorrow my name will be Scooby
In my dreams my name is go getta ha

All About Me
Sibling of Tonya & Dwayne
Daughter of Tonya & Dwayne
Who fears Nothin
Who needs Cousins And my Bestfriend sometimes
Who gives good advice
Who would like to see past 70
Resdient of Maplewood Dr.
Last name Jones

From time to time i new you was mine
Kissing you is like remembering you
When i feel you it make me wants you and to have you i love you

(Havin fun with you)
Havin fun with you is so amaging
Going to the movies to have fun
You ask so crazy but i like it its cute to me
Sometimes i wonder if its you and me