Who am I?

My real name is: Danielle Mills
Yesterday my name was: Danielle Mills
Today my name is: Danielle Mills
Tomorrow my name will be: Danielle Mills
In my dreams my name is: Still Danielle Mills because I refuse to be some different someone else

Yes, That’s Me

My hair is brownish red
My eyes are big and brown
My arms are long and slender
My hands are soft but heavy
My heart is full of love and joy
I’m very different depending on my moods
I never want to lose a race or someone close to me
My friends are very silly
I live to see each and every beautiful day
I hope to be the fastest runner ever
I dream of reaching my goals

‘’I Can’t Write a Poem’’

Forget it
You must be kidding
Excuse#1 my hand hurts
Excuse #2 the pain chills my fingers
Excuse#3 the pain makes my bones feel like sand
Excuse #4 I can’t think of anything to write
Excuse #5 I don’t know what a poem is
Excuse # 6 I have never seen a poem before
Excuse # 7 my mom said I can’t write anymore poems
Excuse #8 poems are now against the law

All about me

Bad temper, active, wild and crazy
To many to name
Losing, not knowing what to do next
To learn self control and a cell phone
Lots of help and laughs
So many people so many places
New Orleans, Louisiana

‘’All I Want’’

All I want is someone to care
Someone to cherish

All I want is someone to care
Someone to hold
Someone to meet my every need

All I want is someone to care
Someone to love
Someone to stick by my side
Someone to be my ride or die

All I want is someone to care
Someone to be there when I need them the most
Someone to love me for me
Someone to be there for me
Someone to feel like they can get my same friendship and love in return

All I want is someone to care